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It’s the big day again after 5 years. Please be informed that Golog ceased its operations on the big day, so our drivers can go home to vote on 09/05/2018 (Wednesday). We will continue operations at 10/05/2018. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please to be informed that Kuala Lumpur will be hosting International Marathon event on 8 April 2018 (this Sunday) with 38,000 participants taking part in the event. Therefore following roads in Kuala Lumpur will be closed on 8 April from 3.00 am until noon: • Jalan Raja around Dataran Merdeka. • Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. […]

蛋糕店,花店,Party Decoration 注意了,只需从RM10起就可以透过APP召唤私人快递帮您送货! ? 不限数量,重量!一个价什么都包! 用最安全和最快的方法把您的货品送到客人手中,保证客户爽丫丫。 Zap输行头,惨过败家!马上就PM! 简单介绍Golog App:

现在送货都是在用私人快递员的啦! 你是否经营蛋糕店,花店,Party Decor或任何需要快递的生意?恭喜你,因为Golog的服务可以帮你的生意更上一层楼。只要看着App就可以轻松送货了~包无走鸡 详情可PM我们,或立刻点击注册,五分钟搞定: 【Share到朋友圈】有朋友注册的话还可以得到免费红包哦!

Motors, Cars or 4×4 sending your cakes, flowers, parcels, documents, etc in 2 hours from only RM10! ? ANY SIZE & WEIGHT AT THE SAME PRICE The safest and fastest way to deliver your items and maintain your customer satisfaction. Pm for more details, OR Watch our introduction video:

Like famous ride sharing, but we share the CAR TRUNK. By using the power of crowd, we can revolutionize delivery/logistic industry. Currently only on-demand delivery but expanding towards a revolutionary experience in delivery and logistics using application software. ??WE NEED YOU ?? Be part of the revolution Visit our website: Facebook:

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