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GOLOG is an online delivery logistic application that open to all market. Anyone can register and log in through the apps choose to be driver or register as a customer to use the delivery or pick up services which this will be our products. Golog users in the platform can be in both forms. Driver and rider can earn income through delivery and pick up services in the meantime users enjoy cheaper fare and faster delivery services. Just akin to the famous ride-sharing app, we connect you to the nearest Gologer who is to earn some income in return.

GOLOG driver can deliver all types of goods as long as legal, from the smallest letter size document to big size merchandise. GOLOG transportation separate into 2 categories of delivery starting up with Motorbike and Car. Motorbike rider will be GOLOG main focus due to motorbike easy access, cheaper and faster delivery. It is easy for users who like to register as GOLOG rider to deliver goods and earn income as long as you own a vehicle, no matter motorcycle, car, pick up truck or van.

There is no limit of mileage for goods delivery (as long as reachable and accepted by rider or driver) but there is a limit of size. As long as the goods that need to deliver is beyond the limit of GOLOG rider able to carry, user need to choose higher categories which is GOLOG motor and car driver depends on the size and volume.

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