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GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd aims to revolutionise industries and build dreams. GoLog is a new way of delivery saving both time and money for users with technology.

What is Golog?

Golog is an online delivery application that open to all market. Anyone can register and log in through the apps choose to be GoLoger to earn extra income or register as a GoUser to deliver items to anywhere immediately. Golog will match you with a personalised Gologer in minutes to cater to your delivery needs.

No matter if you’re an online baker, florist, phone seller, you can use our service with ease and get your items delivered within the hour!

Are you craving for something? But have only one hour for lunch?

Looked around on food delivery platforms but unable to get THAT restaurant?

Get a Gologer and let them deliver anything from anywhere YOU FIND ON GOOGLE MAP!

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Are you selling cakes, balloons or flowers? We want you!


We’ve received numerous feedbacks from our users mentioning our rates are relatively higher than others and sometimes they might not need the particular service we’ve included for them. Previously, door to door service is included in our delivery charges. Causing our Users to have higher rates in delivery but sometimes it may not be necessary.

GoUsers can now select and adjust their price for delivery and how they want it to be!


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GoUsers can now adjust the price and quality of delivery

What is door to door delivery?

Door to door delivery, in a simpler way, is when the Gologer will send the items right to your doorsteps and you will not need to leave your house, office or shops. The Gologer will park their vehicles and take your items from your doorstep and send to your customers doorsteps.

Please take note that Gologer will only reach the lobby of any high rise buildings and the receiver will be informed to take from them.


You can now enjoy lower rate on your delivery

Let us know your feedback and thoughts


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  1. We would like to ask regarding the charges and terms & conditions if we would like to use your service under contract basis

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