What is Golog and how it works?

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GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd aims to revolutionise industries and build dreams. GoLog is a new way of delivery saving both time and money for users with technology.

We’ve been in the KL Selangor and Negeri Sembilan market for few months. We realised there has been a misunderstanding on the services that we provide. It is our mistake to have confused you guys on this. Please allow us to make it up to you, here are the few frequent misunderstanding that we’ve received from people that made us question our lives.

What is Golog actually? What service does it provide?
What is Golog?

Golog is a delivery website application to find you a delivery driver for any occasions. No matter if you’re doing a business where you’re sending items to your customers, sending an assignment to your coursemates, or even take your office keys when you forgot it. Just follow a few simple steps to register and place a delivery order. You will be matched with a Gologer (driver) and he will carry out the task for you.

We are a website app that matches you with a driver and we work hard to ensure you get the best quality drivers and fulfill every order that are posted on our website app. However, we’re often misunderstood by people that we are providing delivery men or sending the items ourselves. Golog is not a delivery company, but rather an IT company that provides convenience to people to get delivery drivers with ease.


Golog has no delivery man. Instead, it might be your uncle next door who’s sending the items. No more musculin handsome delivery guy in this neighborhood =(
I want to send a parcel now, can you ask your driver to pick up from me now?

As much as we want to help you to get a driver to go to your doorstep immediately, we can not do so. Because an order will only be valid if the GoUser posts an order online and is matched with a Gologer. We do not hire nor control the Gologers rather only providing a matching service between GoUser and Gologer.

Golog does not provide any delivery service to end users, rather just a matching service to GoUsers. We strive to get the best driver and improve our matching system to get you a Gologer as soon as possible.

You can send your items wherever you wish as long as a Gologer is willing to pick your request
Do you deliver here and there? Do you cover this area?

We have no restriction on where to use Golog services in KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan area, if there’s Gologer willing to pick up your goods in the area. You can check out where our past deliveries are being done. As long as you can call for a Gologer for your job, then the deal is done, you can ask him to deliver your items to anywhere you wish.

No illegal items are to be sent with Golog
Do you send this and that?

The same concept as to where you can send with Golog, you can actually send ANYTHING, except illegal items that are prohibited by local law. As long as a Gologer is willing to accept your job, you will be able to send your items with ease.

Do you have an app?

Yes we do. You can look for the tutorial here. Or you can just post an order online after you’ve logged in.

If you still have questions regarding what to do and what to not do, please visit our FAQ

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