How to use Golog to do a delivery? Also known as how to create delivery in Golog

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GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd aims to revolutionise industries and build dreams. GoLog is a new way of delivery saving both time and money for users with technology.

You have registered as a Golog GoUser, and now you’re trying to place an order to call for a delivery driver. But you find that there are several things that you’re unclear about placing an order.

How to create an order:
You must select an address from the pop out.
E.g. B-9-9, Desa Condominimum. Please look for Desa condominimum and B-9-9 to be key into Remark
Key in the place you want to send. Key in all information with *
Amount will be shown as Logpoint, where 1lp = RM1. Distance of the delivery and time need
Generate order and wait for a driver
Please reload if you have insufficient logpoints

Can I use cash to pay the Gologer?

No. In Golog, all amount will be calculated by logpoints.

Who are Gologers?

Gologers are individual drivers similar to Grab, where anyone can earn extra income on our platform. They are not professional delivery people, and definitely not movers. However, we are taking in professional movers on our Golog commercial in the future.

What if there is no one taking my order and I have to cancel it?

Simply open up the menu, view your “Delivery History”. Choose to cancel an order from there and logpoints will be refunded on cancellation.

Why is there processing fees for buying logpoints?

We do not charge the processing fees, rather the payment processing gateway is charging the amount.

What if my items are taken away or spoiled during the delivery?

We provide live tracking for GoUsers which can be accessed from “Delivery History”, where you can check the location of the Gologer during their delivery. Please ensure the packaging of the item to be secure and safe, e.g. using a hardened box instead of a paper box to safeguard your items. If no proper safeguard is being done, no refund will be issued.

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