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GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd aims to revolutionise industries and build dreams. GoLog is a new way of delivery saving both time and money for users with technology.

If you are using Golog for the past few months, you may find that it is quite difficult to get a Gologer on peak hours (5pm – 8pm).

Fret not, we’re adding a new feature to increase the chances of matching your delivery need with a suitable driver. This update is to enhance the experience of GoUsers when using our platform with a minimal cost.

Introducing: Peak hour rates at 5pm – 8pm daily

This allows you to have a higher chance of getting a Gologer during peak hours where most drivers are out for dinner or are afraid of the jam on the delivery time. As we’ve gathered feedback from drivers on their schedule and reasons behind the non-acceptance during evening time. This will take effect by 21st May 2018.

A Gologer may be caught in a jam of 1 hour to deliver an item from Damansara to Petaling Jaya during peak hour, not to mention the increasing fuel costs making it harder for a Gologer to earn.

Is pick up and drop off rate affected?

No, pick up and drop off rate will maintain as usual. Only the rates for distance will be affected.

Are you sure to get a Gologer during peak hour?

We can not guarantee that the driver will accept your job on peak hour despite having surcharge. This may be due to weather, location or nature of goods. For example, asking for a motor delivery during rainy days will not be a good choice as the items might get spoiled and Gologer may wish to deliver after the rain.


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