How will AI and Robots affect Logistics?

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Longer onboarding and training, rising benefit and compensation rates, and shortages in labor are driving more and more warehousing, distribution and fulfillment facilities to invest in automated solutions for operations. As the technologies improve and the applications become wider and more flexible, robotics are being adopted by a greater number of warehouse operations.

Robots used in sortation applications are increasingly being used for retail, wholesale and e-commerce fulfillment operations. The types of facilities include parcel sortation, distribution and fulfillment centers. One of the newest technologies on the market are robots for unit and parcel sortation.

A portable high-speed order fulfillment system from Mobile-Matic can be used for pick and convey operations. The Mobile-Matic A-Frame system is designed for e-commerce fulfillment centers with order-picking applications that experience spikes in demand, have a small number of very fast-moving SKUs, or have a large number of one to three line orders. The system relieves pressure from manual and automated picking operations by eliminating the need to re-slot additional lanes of SKUs to accommodate increased demand. The Mobile-Matic system is a simple “out-of-the-box” solution and can work with any conveyor specifications. Warehouse associates can unpack the system, roll it up to the conveyor, and connect power and network cabling. The system is modular in design and one primary unit controls up to three additional secondary units.

More Efficient Warehousing

Robotics and automation will increasingly be used in warehouses as a means to decrease reliance on manual labor, reduce picking errors and improve efficiencies. The retail industry, in particular, derives the majority of its revenue in the last four months of a year. The new systems are scalable. The scalability and quick implementation schedules for these systems mean that the cost reduction benefit can be seen in just a few months at a fraction of the initial investment of the traditional fixed-path systems.

Also driving robot usage is the growth in e-commerce sales that requires each picking. Venture capitalists are confident in the development of the technology and have invested millions of dollars in start-up robotics companies. These cost-effective solutions will soon be the mainstay in many warehouse operations.

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